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Kozanteks Giyim is a department within Kozanteks Tekstil.


It aims to sell wholesale clothing for boutiques, Clothing Stores, E-commerce companies. With the Request Product system, We provide our customers with all the products they desire that is related to denim&non-denim lower body group. Beside that, we offer contract manufacturing as a Kozanteks Tekstil. With this service, we aim to deliver the products our customers want in a short period of time, so that they can resupply their stock as soon as possible.


With 20 years of experience, we provide shipping to any country you want. With many companies that we can refer to as a reference abroad, we deliver the products you want with a trouble-free logistics process. Our “Request Product” system for abroad works in a much wider range.


The majority of our product range is on jeans. We manufacture products where our activities and experience are high and we offer you the smoothest process possible in wholesale jeans sales.


Kozanteks Giyim has been operating since 2003. Its office and store are located in Merter/Istanbul. In our store, during working hours, we welcome you to examine our products first-hand and help you to get more detailed information.


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Photo of requesting wholesale denim pants - Kozanteks Giyim

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You can create pre-orders of the products you like, you can receive your products as soon as possible.

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Kozanteks Giyim

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