How the product request system works?


What is the Product Request System?

We produce or find any product you can think of regarding denim&non-denim lower body group, and deliver it to you with the right price, good quality and fast logistics service. The purpose of this system is to ensure that our customers find the desired product and have the right features, by reducing the difficulty of process to zero and deliver the products they want in the fastest way.


How does the process of finding the product works?

We evaluate the request form you send to us and we get back to as soon as possible. After getting the approval of the product or products you are looking for, we find your product from our approved vendors. If you wish, we send your samples or show them in detail with a video call and get your approval.


How Much Is the Sample Fee?

Shipping and various other costs of delivering the sample. Usually it varies between 25-35 €, but if you finalize the purchase, in the end, this sample cost we will be deducted from your bill.


How is the payment done?

We reflect the amount we have agreed with you within the information you have sent to us after the product discovery and approval process. After we receive a payment from cash transfer or credit card options from our stores, we deliver to the shipping company as you want on the same day.


How is my bill sent?

Your invoices are sent as e-bill to the e-mail address you send to us. ( E-Bill is legal obligation for companies which operate in Turkey, further information please contact with us)


Can I buy products as an individually?

Unfortunately, for now we are only working with retailers or shop owners.


I don’t want to order over the internet or phone. How can I reach you?

We are happy to welcome you in our office in Istanbul. You can ask whatever you want about the process with our teammates and you can do the necessary operations in our office.


I want to get contract manufacturing service. Is it possible?

Yes. As Kozanteks Tekstil, we can produce any product you want in our facility with a monthly production capacity of 100,000 units. For contract manufacturing, a certain number of conditions must be met. For detailed information, please contact with us.


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